Thermapen 5 Thermometer

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The Thermapen 5 is a highly versatile surface temperature measuring thermometer. The thermometer is activated by unfolding the probe, which also triggers the display to light up, indicating that it's ready for use. The tip of the probe is applied to the item or surface that needs to be measured. It's suitable for a wide range of applications, from cooking to industrial use, where precise temperature monitoring is crucial.

The probe of the Thermapen 5 is designed to be waterproof, allowing it to be used underwater without any risk of damage to the device. It is powered by a MN21 battery or its equivalent.

Overall, the Thermapen 5 offers a convenient and efficient solution for measuring surface temperatures accurately in a variety of settings.


Measuring Range: -50 ˚ C to 300˚ C x 1˚ C
Probe: 100mm
Dimensions: 155mm x 50mm x 20mm

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