Russell Scientific Instruments, where traditional meteorological instruments have been designed and manufactured in East Anglia for over a century.

A Brief History

Where We Started

Russell Scientific has well over 100 years of experience in thermometers and specialises in manufacturing to customers' exact requirements, particularly when a standard product is not suitable. Russell Scientific Instruments built its name of scientific accuracy on the specialist technique of skilled glass blowing.

On The Brink

After many years operating in Norfolk, Derham it was set to be the end for Russell Scientific. 'My staff are the best in the world' - esteemed firm to close after 160 years.

Norfolk Firm To Close

RSI Finds A New Home

Skyview Systems is delighted to welcome Russell Scientific Instruments to our weather family.

In this Jubilee year, we are thrilled to add a jewel in the crown in bringing Russell Scientific into our group of companies.”

- Nic Hart, Managing Director, Skyview Systems


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