Russell Scientific

Stainless Steel Barograph Arm

£50.00 £60.00 Inc. VAT

Designed to Russell Scientific specifications and manufactured here in the UK the RSI Stainless Steel Barograph arm suits even the most specialised of instruments.

Barograph pen arms are extremely delicate and require replacing if they become bent or corroded over time. A distorted metal arm may stick or jam on the barograph drum resulting in inky blobs and no pressure readings being recorded. A clean and straight barograph arm will ensure the barograph nib draws a clear and crips arc onto the recoding paper.

The RSI metal barograph arm is made out of stainless steel which helps to reduce corrosion but must be lightly wiped clean if ink does get onto it or when you replace the pen nib. This product has been designed to fit both the Norfolk Barograph; and if carefully trimmed and filed at home will fit a Blakeney or Jubilee barograph.


Length: 166mm
Width: 10mm (thickest end)
Width: 2mm (thinnest end)

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