425 Thermohygrograph

The Fischer Thermohygrograph chart recorder can track temperature and humidity trends in real time.

The 425 consits of high quality movements comprised of brass and chromium. All axies are fitted with jewel bearings resulting in extremely low idle friction. 

The thermograph sensor is a u-shaped bimetal; while the hygrograph element of this instrument utilises the change of hair or synthetic fibres to the moisture content of the air. Both parts of this Thermohygrograph have extremely low response times especially in low temperatures making them the preferred low technology - high accurracy solution for outdoor monitoring. 


Models available: 425 / 425S / 425QS
Humidity range: 0-100% RH
Temperature range dependant on model selected: -15°C to +65°C
Electronic quartz clockwork with changeable revolution times:
Daily – 25.6h
Weekly – 176h
Monthly – 783h
Mechanical clockwork drum according to DIN 58658
Ships with:
60 charts for weekly revolution
4 x fibre tip pens
1 x Battery LR6

Data Sheets