225 Barograph

Mechanism: Mechanical

Nicknamed the ‘Navigator’s Choice’ the 225 and 225Q barograph are housed in an aluminium and steel case finished in a coat of white powder paint. The measuring element in this range of Fischer barographs is a set of 7 aneroid capsules, manufactured of a copper-beryllium alloy that essentially eliminate age-hardening, hysteresis, and elastic after effects that could otherwise degrade the accuracy of the instrument. 

Available as either the 225 Barograph with mechanical (wind-up) clock or 225Q with quartz clockwork. The latter of which can be changed in an instant between a daily, weekly or monthly revolution.

The 225Q is compatible with the Fischer 210 chart paper available from our online shop. 


7 Aneroid capsules: +/-0.7 hPa
Measuring range: 955-1055 hPa
225Q Electronic quartz clockwork with changeable revolution times:
Daily – 25.6h
Weekly – 176h
Monthly – 783h
225 Mechanical clockwork drum according to DIN 58658 available on request
Ships with:
1 years’ worth of chart paper for weekly revolution (FS-210W)
2 x fibre tip pens
1 x Battery LR6

Data Sheets