BS standard thermometers

Russell Scientific Instruments specialises in manufacturing thermometers to customers' exact requirements using its experience of more than 100 years. The company is one of very few companies still employing skilled glass blowers.

Products are designed and manufactured to various British Standards or ISO specifications, including BS1704: 1985 (ISO 1981) solid stem, mercury filled thermometers, available with total or partial (75mm) immersion. Thermometers to BS593 are available with total or partial (100mm) immersion. Thermometers can be made to BS692, BS791, BS1365, BS1704 and BS1900.

UKAS and traceable works certificates of calibration can be supplied if required.

Please refer to the BS thermometer data tables for full details and specifications of the thermometers that we manufacture.

As manufacturers of laboratory and chemical thermometers, if the specification that you require is not available, we can manufacture instruments to your required specification. Please contact us to discuss the exact specification, likely quantity of thermometers required, and country of destination.