Russell Scientific Instruments manufactures precision thermometers, barometers, barographs and other scientific measuring instruments for a wide range of industrial, meteorological, domestic and other uses.

The company has well over 100 years of experience in thermometers and specialises in manufacturing thermometers to customers' exact requirements, particularly when a standard product is not suitable. Russell Scientific Instruments is one of very few companies still employing skilled glass blowers.

Products are designed and manufactured to various British Standards or ISO specifications, as well as ASTM and IP standards. UKAS and traceable works certificates of calibration can be supplied.

Patient, dedicated craftsmanship is still employed at Russell Scientific Instruments, assisted by modern methods and equipment where appropriate. Many of the domestic instruments are built to long-established patterns and designs. All mahogany comes from sustainable sources.

The company can repair and renovate non-electronic thermometers and barometers including blowing new thermometer tubes and repairing or replacing damaged or missing metal and wood parts. This service is applicable to industrial products including pipe and V-frame retort thermometers and most domestic products.