1800 Automatic float switch

Product Code: 1800
MPN: 1800
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This model is available for single or three contact switching, with the middle contact as a common, turning the switch into a change-over switch. The amperage is five, 10 and 15 and the maximum voltage is 250 AC or 50 DC. The switch box and lid are made from a robust plastic and all moving parts are produced in hard wearing nylon.
The power required to tilt the lever is minimal. As the level of the medium in the tank rises, the float rises up to the top disc which is at a pre-set height. The balance weight then tilts the switch lever over. Contact is broken. As the level of the medium in the tank falls, the float drops onto the lower disc (under the float in the photograph), tilting the swith lever to make contact and so start a lift pump to fill the tank.

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